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Assessing beyond testing. Designed for today’s school systems, Level 12 fortifies educators’ passion for seeing every student achieve the next level of success.

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Transforming Assessment Delivery

Level 12 Assess is a state-of-the-art solution that delivers advanced assessment capabilities required in Common Core and large-scale state assessments. Our platform supports administering fixed and adaptive testing, traditional and technology-enhanced item types and provides built-in accommodations for maximum student inclusion across a broad range of devices.
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The Tools Students Need

Level12 includes a wide variety of features and tools designed to enhance testing - including magnification tools to enlarge onscreen text, a highlighter to mark important text, an interactive ruler, digital notepad, guideline, and scientific calculators, giving students the classic tools they are used to in an updated digital environment.
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Item Types Supported

A variety of item format options are supported for measuring test takers’ performance and comprehension, while maintaining authentic and engaging assessment practice - such as multiple-choice and essay, as well as technology-enhanced options capable of integrating multimedia, scenario-based and spoken response items.
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Level12 meets the accessibility needs of every student by ensuring Section 508 and APIP support, greatly expanding standard core accessibility functions. IMS Certified
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Turn any facility into an online testing site. Level12 Assess requires no local installation. Multiple sites can be scheduled, monitored and controlled from one main location.
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Ease of Use

Our HTML5-compliant test delivery engine uses state-of-the-art technology to support the next generation of assessments. Seamless delivery across all devices, straightforward navigation and user focused design allows students to focus on the test, not the device.
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Reliable Security & Scalability

Ensuring reliability, scalability and security, our flexible and adaptive platform supports assessment delivery success regardless of size, budget or technological constraints.
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Adaptive Testing

Level 12 adapts to a variety of custom measurement models, protects item pools from overexposure and is adaptable to item-level, multi-stage and embedded-field testing.


Making assessment manageable. Our online management solution allows administrators and teachers to easily manage the entire assessment process. With our secure technology, staff can access student enrollment data, manage online test assignments, create and edit test administration schedules, monitor test status, analyze data reports, and much more – all in one place, with one log-in.

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Turning data into action. Our reporting suite provides educators with the information they need to improve instruction and focus on student outcomes. These drill-down reports visualize student achievement by pinpointing areas where students are excelling and struggling. The reports facilitate confidence in interpretations of student achievement; empowering educators to confidently respond to the learning needs of students.

The experience & knowledge
to take you to the next level.


Through our work with state agencies, we are skilled at evaluating assessment requirements and technology structures to create integration plans that are effective and efficient.


CA&L’s expertise is the difference. Our subject matter experts - with over a cumulative 167 years of industry experience - guide you from discovery to successful student testing.


For every implementation, CA&L provides user tutorials, guides, and training materials about the testing software and management tools, so users can get the most out of our systems.